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Colt Starting

Watch as a young colt goes from rebellion to submission.  This evangelism focused demonstration is a picture parable to our relationship with a creator God.


We offer Ranch Roping Clinics and Horsemanship Clinics.  Each clinic focuses on discipleship as we get to work side by side teaching participants the concepts we apply to our every day work on the ranch.  

Dog Demonstration

This is an exciting new form of evangelism for us.  This demonstration is for the crowd.  Watch personality differences in border collie dogs as they work for the handler on live cattle.  This is an easy event for the host and works great for those without access to an arena setting or cattle.

Bible Study

In the summer months, we open our home up for dinner and Bible Study every Friday. All are welcome and you're ever in the area stop by; however if your not making a trek into the mountains anytime soon then you can watch bible study live on Instagram or Facebook Live. 



In the summertime you can find Crossroads on the ranch, caring for over 4,000 head of pasture cattle, across thousands of acres, in Walden, Colorado. We use the privilege of ranching as an opportunity to hire on male interns between the ages of late teens to early twenties. Although we gain hands to help in these young men, we hope to give them back something so much more.

When the young men arrive at Crossroads they can expect a summer spent learning about horsemanship, ranching, roping, stewardship of land and cattle, discipline, diligence, and valuable truths about being a man. However, Crossroads' desire is that their most significant takeaway will be spiritual growth through intentional discipleship.

We believe 'discipleship at it's finest' is due, in part, to one special ingredient: doing life with one another. These young men are grafted into the families at Crossroads. They eat dinner around our tables, go to church, attend bible studies, take part in weekend outings, and even contribute to household chores; all as if they were one of our own.

We have been blessed and encouraged by the testimonies of growth from these young men, and our heart is for more. Crossroads is continuously seeing the powerful impact of taking boys out of their daily environments, and into the cowboy way of life. Our prayer is for additional housing, so that each year we would be able to welcome more and more boys into our families.

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